About Me

I’m Nigel J. an English male voice talent living on a very quiet hill, with my own well-equipped voice-over and podcast post-production home studio.

To keep your costs down I offer voice-over services where the price includes recording and editing of your audio in my professional home studio. At very competitive voice-over rates.

My tone of voice sound is a natural English/ International  style. Both soft and reassuring. If required, commanding,  dignified with a sense of seasoned decorum. My tone can be adapted for mid / low mids / or bass male range. I adapt and modulate my voice according to your project, podcasting, institutional film, TV commercial, E-learning , radio spot, video game, documentary, audio books, and voice-over smartphone apps/telephone scripts.

I’ve been recording professional voice-overs for clients on four continents throughout the last twenty-one years. Adapting and gaining vital knowledge and experience to better deliver a professional quality recording for you. I keep my voice in tip-top condition with the support of the seasoned vocal coach… 

Vocal Booth

The needs of a VO artist when recording an audiobook, narration or commercial voice-over can be very different from a musician tracking vocals. For this reason, I’ve chosen the right acoustic treatments and a floating floor.

VoiceWrap Studio - Quiet & Peaceful
VoiceWrap Studio - Quiet & Peaceful