My Voice-over and podcast post-production recording studio...

Studio Gear

Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen Audio Interface


4 x 6 sound isolation booth



This includes audio editing and voice-over processing, tailored to your video or timing. Voice treatment consists of removing mouth / breathing sounds, compressors, EQ, de-esser. and final mastering. I offer you up to 3 retakes at no additional cost so you are guaranteed a premier end result.
I primarily use the Award-winning  DAW range produced by Hindenburg Systems. Made for Broadcast Radio. Commercial Narration, Podcasts, Audio Books, and much more. I Use WaveLab Elements 11 for mastering. I also own licensed copies of PreSonus Studio One, Pro-Tools, Audacity, and Reaper DAW software.
I run  Window 10 Pro, and can provide recordings in various file formats. 


I offer a fast turnaround on all voice-over recordings.  Please email me your script, and once we’ve agreed a fee I’ll email you your voice over recording.
You can also direct recording sessions with me by Skype, Zoom, Source-Connect Now, Clean Feed, and IPDTL. 
I am happy to provide quotes and custom demos.
If it’s podcast post-production you’re after, yes, just contact me and lets chat!
I look forward to hearing about your project.

NB: (Source Connect NOW is used in the Chrome browser – Desktop or Android only, no iOS support)

VoiceWrap Studio - Quiet & Peaceful
VoiceWrap Studio - Quiet & Peaceful